Life. Get on and used to it.

I say this because, too many things in my past have led me to believe that I’m not beautiful.

My biggest hurdle in life is my body dysmorphic disorder. Simple.

"When I was 18, I wanted someone to “complete me”. Now, I see myself as complete, as whole and as perfect - and I simply want to share the experience of my beautiful, abundant self with another beautiful, abundant being as we grow individually and TWOgether. I don’t want to “lose myself” in someone. Rather, I want to continuously find myself and strengthen my relationship with my Self with the help of another being - and vice versa. No longer am I in search of a cheap thrill."

So it’s my 22nd born day tomorrow.

Where has the time gone? Oh well. I’m here now. The last year many things have happened for the better you could say. From March onwards it’s been a great year. Got a ‘free holiday’ from Uni. Got to meet some really cool people. Got do many things I wouldn’t have done previously. I’m doing okay on my course. About to enter my final year… Imagine in the next 12months I’ll be a qualified paediatric nurse 🙈🙈🙈🏥🙌🙌👌. Imagine I could potentially walk of Uni and straight into a job that I love. No more sideline retail or anything. Just making my little babies better again 👶😍. The past couple of months haven’t been easy. My dearest and closest have been by my side. Thanks to them I’m doing better than I ever have. Enjoying the life the gracious man above gave me. I’ve made some ‘resolutions’ that I must adhere to as I turn 22.

Which are…

1) Since I’m unhappy with my weight I need to lose some weight and look better (that’s a work in progress). I want to be a good 12. Maybe smaller depending on how it looks and works out. I need to be making change now. It’s only gonna get harder as I get older. I want to be able to go holiday with my friends and be able to pull off a nice little 2 piece👙. And not look like I did in Magaluf 🙈😂

2) Learn to enjoy myself a little. I’m work way too hard and too often. Being on placement I’m working like over 60 hour weeks. Not cool!

3) Learning to love myself. I recently realised I don’t love myself… Maybe that’s because I don’t know what love is. All I seem to do is keep harming myself in other ways. If I can’t love myself, how could I possibly love another?

4) I need to be truly aware of who is with me along my journey. Everywhere I go, I make a few amazing friends that I will never be able to live without. They know who they are. But friendships fades and people move on.

5) I need to get a 2:1 or above in Uni. I know once we all qualify, we’re still coming out as a band 5 nurse. But I want to know I did it. I worked hard, not letting my learning difficulty get in the way of my success. 🎓

6) To be in a better mental place. And get closer to God. I haven’t been the closest or anywhere near recently. It’s time to make a change.

7) To not rush into anything with a ‘guy’. Make sure I take enough time to get to know the other person. If this does happen, that is…

On 3rd August 2015 I’ll let you know if I stuck my resolutions or whether I fell off the wagon.

Happy Birthday Gerry. 🎂🎊🎉🎉🎁💝

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I don’t know how this happened. But *Because of the Internet* relates to me in so many random ways.

"You don’t need a reason to help people."